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did you install that?

If so, you also have to enter the prop with which render target it is used in the TV script

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is there anyway i can have your discord id pay you for help i asked pickle and he just kept closing my ticket please man

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i have this error

Hi, i dont get the No Signal on my screen, and I have installed all the things I need.

I have 2 [ ] folders in my resource folder with your script in one called [Scripts] and the generic_texture_renderer_gfx in the other one called [dependencies]. where I ensure the [ ] folders.

Should they be in the same folder or does it not matter?

Can i improve the render quality?

Guessing YouTube changed their API? When I click “Videos” and add a youtube URL, nothing plays. I tried several URL’s from the address bar and also the “share” URL. Tried URL’s with just the video ID at the end of the url, no other arguments. Didn’t work. But when I use Web Browser, it shows the screen with no problem.

Also, adjusting Set Volume made no difference… But I was however able to use the volume slider on the video. I’m curious if screen interaction is sync’d for all players :thinking:

Edit: friend said he couldn’t see the screen when I was streaming youtube through the browser feature.

@PickleMods Is it somehow possible to set and use the script so that not the one that transmits transmits to all TVs?

@PickleMods I keep getting this error after placing additional TVs at certain location. I did the #10 pull fix and the error goes away but the TVs I added don’t show the No Signal Window when they are on. Error posted along with one of the TVs I added. I literally copied the one (see config pic) and pasted them with the updated vectors. I am using OneSync and run on QB Core. I do have ox lib and rendered downloaded and started.

Screenshot 2024-04-08 133014