[FREE] NPWD (Standalone phone)

im still stuck on this, i tried different returnedDataIndexes values still nothing, the photo shows up in my discord using webhook, but doesn’t show up in phone galary… my i might actually switch back to imgur for now …last i got response from the devs which was few days ago in their discord, they are discussing it internally before releasing any information to public. so best is to be patient i guess…unless someone else finds a fix.

Did you get this completly work for you?

We have decided to support Discord, so it’ll happen in the next few days.

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So I just want to give my honest opinion. This is an amazing standalone asset that did take some trial and error to get working (It is expected with any script). I am amazed that this was released for free. The animations are smooth and not thrown together. Now we just need for the community to grow and develop more apps for the phone! I have seen many that seemed promising but I am holding off on a full phone switch until a little longer (going to use it as a phone update)

Thank you all again for this amazing release. Cheers! :grinning: