[FREE] mth-aggressive / An aggressive ped spawner!

Description :spiral_notepad: :

:wave: Hey guys, Iโ€™ve always wanted to fight against peds in my Freeroam but the only way I had to do so was by going to Groove Street and fight the Ballas :purple_circle:

So I had the idea to develop a script that spawns aggressive peds in the world, so you can fight against them and have fun :smile:

Usage :hammer_and_wrench: :

To use the resource, download it, create a folder named mth-aggressive in your main resources folder and put the files in there and add start mth-aggressive to your server.cfg

Then, once youโ€™re in game, use the command /aggressive

Features :sparkles: :

  • The peds will spawn with a random gun from a list (you can edit it to add any weapon you want)

  • The peds model is randomly selected from a list (you can edit it to add any model youโ€™d like to spawn)

  • Implemented a cooldown to avoid spamming (you can customize it)

  • Spawned peds will have a blip on the map

  • Spawned peds wonโ€™t attack each other

  • You can delete all spawned peds

  • You can set the maximum amount of peds you want to allow players to spawn

Demo :eyes: :


Link to the resource : Mathu-lmn/mth-aggressive (github.com)

Note that I released a similar resource about a year ago, but I decided to remake it because I have more experience with Lua now and I wanted to improve it :smile:


Looks amazing man! - what location Script are you using though at bottom left of screen?

Itโ€™s vMenu location display !

Is it possible to make the peds fight each other? lol

Also do you have to manually spawn them everytime

That was not the purpose of this resource however you can edit the code and remove the relationship parts to make them fight each other too !

Yup, you have to spawn them everytime using the menu but you can edit the amount of peds spawning in the setting as well as the range

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it dosent sync with other players

Iโ€™m setting the isNetwork to true :thinking: