[FREE][MLO]Pharmacy MLO Map

Pharmacy MLO Map

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Where you’ve encrypted this map with the escrow system but are not offering it through Tebex, no one will be able to use it. Please upload an unencrypted version.

This is Escrow Encrypted…? It’s completely useless without keymaster asset permissions

The alternative link isn’t escrowed. Only noticed it after I posted.

nice work

The unencrypted map has been uploaded, you can download it, have a good use


Nice work, maybe make the shop a wee bit “messy” in a sense that it looks more used/lived in rather then pristine and all products alined and such. Maybe add some less flat flooring and such.

Great stuff for a free release though!

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Thank you for your nice comments and ideas. The reason we put so many items was to give the pharmacy look better, so we wanted to put a little more stuff.

Is it a pharmacy or dentist office? The sign says dentist.

Pharmacy the text on the sign is the original of the game

bugs spawn in there at night time as well the wrong lights were used

Thanks for your feedback, I will update it soon

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