[Free] Mk47 Mutant

Mk47 Mutant FluffyMods.com

  • High Quality Model & Textures
  • Animated
  • Iron Sights Line up
  • Add-on
  • FREE

Updated, fixed a few issues
Mk47MutantFluffysModsUpdated.rar (10.2 MB)

Mk47MutantFluffysMods.rar (10.2 MB)

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drag and drop the resource, start it, and spawn weapon by spawn name

Weapon Spawn


This mod was made in 1 hour and 10 minutes
Don’t pay money for something that should be free


DOPE! and freeeee

it wont spawn for me it says invalid weapon (Im doing /giveweapon id WEAPON_MK47FM 50) on esx

probably gotta add the weapon to the command

Got the weapon to spawn do I need to do anything special to setup drum clip?

If you have a command to spawn weapon components, add the component the same way you added the weapon spawn, if not, you will have to make it an item, so add the components to your item database. I dont really know much about any frameworks, thats all I can really help.

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Only argument is you should put in a muzzle flash fx offset in weapons. meta since the particle is clipping into the gun. Other than that, gun works & looks great. Keep up the good work.

yea, I noticed that the other day, just fixed it.

probably gotta add the weapon to the command