[FREE][MAP] Roadworks in the city


A number of roadworks maps for the city. It is difficult to find alternate routes for the traffic due to the way the nodes work and lack of information on flags etc so this is what I have come up with so far that work.

There are 4 different areas of roadworks in this pack.

The location is the last part of the folder name

roadworks_bridgeclosedpalomino - I closed off the bridge so all traffic have to divert around. It works well for traffic diversion except there is a problem with the npc traffic spawning in the middle of the roadworks and cant get out. Nothing I can do about the spawning. You cant really see them from road level, only when you no-clip and look from the air. Not a totl success but usable if you are prepared for the idiots to spawn in there.

roadworks_bridgepowerst - traffic diversion to one side of bridge

roadworks_davis - minor traffic diversion

roadworks_palamino - minor traffic diversioin

roadworks_strangeways - minor traffic diversion

---- ISSUES----

Due to the number of maps being released and loaded on your server, i cant guarantee any of these will work. I have included the codewalker project file for each map if you want to edit it to suit.

May conflict with other maps in the area of the roadworks map, ie, traffic will not divert and drive through the barriers.

---- INSTALL ----

Drop the [roadworks_city] folder into resources and ensure [roadworks_city] in server.cfg if you want to install all maps


Drop the folder you want into resources and ensure in server.cfg

---- USE ----

Free to use, eit, modify anywhere,
Don’t claim as your own or add to package for sale

[roadworks_city].zip (487.2 KB)


It is possible to stop the NPC from spawning using a script

I need to revisit this now i have more information on editing nodes etc

Will get onto it soon

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Strangeways Drive roadwork causes a map bug.
Setting a waypoint nearby (mainly on the West side) causes problems.
I have yet to confirm this.


Double confirmed + screenshots.

sorry I dont actually know or can identify the problem you a pointing me toward?

sorry I dont actually know or can identify the problem you a pointing me toward?

Do you mean directions when you type a postal in?

The nodes have only been moved across the road, none were deleted or disabled.

No, I mean setting a waypoint manually.
This happens only with the Strangeways Drive mlo.

Hey :slight_smile:

for terminology sake
mlo = a building interior
map = placement of props etc
traffic node = path which AI follow

As i said i only moved the nodes, didnt delete or disable any. I didnt try the waypoint setting around there so will try that in game today