[FREE] [MAP] Casino Race Track

threw this together if anybody would like to use it :slight_smile:




Please upload releases directly to forums or a GitHub repository.

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My bad ill upload it to GitHub now

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Reuploaded to GitHub and added some props to clean up the track and add some life

EDIT: Done a few bug fixes.

Sick! Those new screenshots are :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Thank you :slight_smile:


nice one mate!!


Your welcome :grin:

THANKS for the release!

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nice work bro

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Curious would I need to use open IV to take out the track blocker thing coming out of the first turn ?

You would use Codewalker to remove any of the objects placed on this map.


meant that lol but thank you

The props are there to just tidy a few messy areas as the track I’ve used had to be scripted in to fix LOD issues so it wasn’t easy to get them to line up nicely.

but yeah if you wanna edit any of that Codewalker :wink:

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If you mean this bit, this can be changed easily in client.lua on Line 34

trackStraight5 = CreateObject(propStraightModel, _trackStraight5.x, _trackStraight5.y, _trackStraight5.z, false, false, true) -- creates object

Change propStraightModel to mediumStraightModel

Also change the height to align the new track piece up. (different thickness track piece)

    local _trackStraight5 = {x = 1134.64, y = -22.00, z = 81.2, h = 237.65}

and adjust the small track piece just after to line up better

    local _trackStraight6 = {x = 1117.76, y = -48.93, z = 81.2, h = 238.25}

Updated the original file with this change


so you updated the original, dope thank you!

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You can create different branches in GitHub by the way, this allows you to keep your original “code” or mod, and then the branched version could have a different addition of something changed or removed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you ill make sure to do that in future.

Or you can do like, folders on GitHub, and then name the folder like OPTIONAL and in there have say, Version Without Tyres, Version With Speed Boosts, Version Without bla bla bla.

Just an idea :smiley:

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Very good, Works perfectly, looks very good. :slight_smile: Fun for me and my friends to race on!

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