[FREE] Locker system compatible with qb, ox, Chezza Inventory

question. in the config you have drawtext says set to false if target is true? dont see anywhere where you can use target for these.

I don’t see it, where is it?

Maybe i have a different version? Heres mine.

Probably old version

ok all good. hey how do you change the draw distance? ive got a few spots where i have lockers and you can see it from outside the door. any way to shorten the distance you see the text?

Updated the script for draw distance for each zones!

You are freaking awesome. Thank you!

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Chezza v 3.6 not working :cry:

The latest is v4 right?

yes v4 i’m have v3.6

need plugins pls

I would suggest to update the inventory, Secondly there are no documentation for v3 which is why I didn’t implement it

Does this support ox target? Last time I tested this target didn’t work at all

There is no target system

It says there is