[FREE] Locker system compatible with qb, ox, Chezza Inventory

This is a locker system compatible with ox_inventory, qb-inventory, Chezza Inventory currently supports ESX and QBCore.


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Very nice release!

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QB Please :pleading_face: :pray:


Chezza’s Inventory would also be very good because many use it


Since it was paid and because I don’t have it, I can’t do it. Feel free to PR if you can.

ox_inventory is compatible with qb. But yes I will be bringing a config option for qb-inventory

Nice system, like it !

Thank you sir!

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Can you include the version that used qtarget? There are also some errors when selecting certain menu items when you dont own a locker yet


Feel free to open issues

just freezes up with cursor on the screen when you go to create new locker. Anyone know what im doing wrong? thanks in advance.

Did u use the latest version

Download the dependencies ox_lib

how do i use this for qbcore

ox_inventory & qbcore or qb-inventory?

qb inventory

true xd

I might PR an update for qb-inventory soon

Great Job ! Waiting for the qb-inventory version :slight_smile:

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qb-inventory version is out check the latest update