[FREE] Jim-Mining - QBCore Mining Script

how would i up the percentage chance on whats given when mining? taking a while to get diamond

Hello! How do I make it work with ox_inventory? I hope you can help me… thank you

No support iirc. You’ll have to convert yourself

Could you share me the qb-menu that works with this script? I can’t get it to work thanks

A decent script. Ive used many times works wonders.

Definitely could use some updates.

Anyone get the lights to work with NVE? True or false does not work

Hey, I install script today and i have it all working except the cracking stone, the machines are there but nothing happens when i 3rd eye, I can do smelting and jewel cutting just not stone cracking and i cant figure out why as there is no errors

Hi i was trying to add a blip for The Jeweler buyer and it won’t seem to work i have sprite set to 617 (Jewel Blip) and Col set as 69 (Green) using the Cfx Blip information any help would be greatly appreciated and yes i do have show blip set to true

You ever get this to work with oxinventory & oxtarget? I know there’s a way to covert it but it’s a bit advanced so I’m wondering if anyone has the converted code they’re willing to share.

If anyones converted this to work with ox-inventory & ox-target & doesn’t mind sharing the converted code I would gladly appreciate it!!

Discord: SheClutches

With ox_target if it works in the latest version! and well, in the same way, it’s easy to put, but with the ox_inventory thing I couldn’t, it’s something screwed up

I know there is a way to do it cause a Dev friend of mine who writes his own scripts said there is but that’s way over my skill level!! A server I’m staff for was asking so that’s why I was looking, I appreciate it tho!

How do I change the amount of stone received when mining?

only issue im facing with this script is the openmenu function for the seller/crafting menus…
i get an issue of

SCRIPT ERROR: @jim-mining/client.lua:705: No such export openMenu in resource qb-menu
fn (@qb-target/client.lua:1168)

Hey Jim, my mining lights don’t work, any fix?

so i was smelting and got this

script:jim-mining] DupeWarn: Bubba Eastside(2) Dropped from server for item duplicating
[ script:jim-mining] carbon 10
[ script:jim-mining] SCRIPT ERROR: @jim-mining/server.lua:90: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘Player’)
[ script:jim-mining] > handler (@jim-mining/server.lua:9)
[ script:jim-mining] SCRIPT ERROR: @jim-mining/server.lua:72: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘Player’)
[ script:jim-mining] > handler (@jim-mining/server.lua:12)

how to i prevent this from happening

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I have been a bit confused, i havent been able to find the other mineshaft at the quarry i know theres one in the mountains, i just cant find the other one

Hi, i would like to ask you about qb-target when Stone Washing. The problem is that it (qb-target) doesn’t recognize the zone, and due to this we cant wash the stones in inventory. I post you a screenshot with debugzones true:

It doesn’t give any errors at console, or client.

Can someone please help me input an export for ox_inventory to check inventory weight before giving the minned stone, At the moment the inventory is exceeding its weight limit e.g, 64kgs/30kgs. Thanks in advnace :slight_smile:

Having a problem. Everything works fine except the shop peds. Third eye does nothing.