[FREE] jim g judge robe f and m

FiveM-ready female and male add-ons clothing free.

link = GitHub - jimgordon20/jim_g_Judge_Robe_fivem_f_and_m

Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based N/A
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Very cool. Thanks for this release.

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Glad you liked it! You’re welcome.
and thank you

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I need exactly this one. thank you

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That’s exactly what I needed, thank you

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So I guess this isnt working for females… the male Version works good

Hmmm, it works fine on my server and has for a long time.
You are the first person to have this issue no over reports of it.
I will check it out tomorrow and let you know mate.

If anyone else has this issue, can you please let me know.

It’s working fine on my side, both on the live server and the test server.
There might be something on your side causing the issue, mate.
Like I said, you’re the only one having this issue not had any reports yet about this.

I knwo other Servers they only use the male Version as the female cause issues.
I installed it on a plane server. Just illenium-appearance as Charcreator… nothing else installed
Maybe there is a problem with?

over server doesn’t use my version; they use the paid stolen version.
That’s why my version was released as it was free for a long time, and someone started selling just the male version.
But like I said, I have no problem. I can’t reproduce the issue, and no one else has told me there is a problem. You are the only one at this time.

Hey, I also got the same problem, male works fine. :sweat_smile:

Yeah I have the same problem with the female version

I will be looking at this soon. Sorry, I’ve been very busy with server stuff and my own projects. I think something got messed up, or I used an old folder I had, but I will be checking soon.

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Thank you to grzybeek they fixed the issue with female clothing.

Download the new version.
GitHub - jimgordon20/jim_g_Judge_Robe_fivem_f_and_m

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