[Free] Glock18C

Free Glock18C

Replaces AP Pistol

Glock18C_FluffysMods.rar (5.5 MB)

FluffyMods.com (other mods)

Create a resource, and put files in stream folder


how would i create a resource

create a new folder, call it glock18c, or whatever you want, then create another folder inside that folder called “stream” then put all the files in the stream folder. Go back into the main glock folder, and put this fxmanifest
fxmanifest.lua (39 Bytes)

the main folder will look like this with all the files in the stream folder. Then add the resource to your server cfg

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Awesome Release. Great looking model and animations.

Only improvement I think would be making it an add-on instead of a replace, as the AP Pistols weapons.meta isnt all that similar to an actual Glock 18C.

All fine though its not that hard for me to edit the weapons.meta for myself. Great Release!

Hi Mr_crazey, what would you change in the ap_meta to make the Glock more realistic?