[FREE] FN Scar SC FluffyMods

FN Scar SC www.fluffymods.com

  • High Quality Textures & Models
  • Animated
  • Add-on
  • Lined up Iron Sights & Scopes
  • Glowing Reticles
  • 10+ Attachments
  • FREE

ScarScFluffyMods.rar (13.0 MB)

Github Download

Other Mods www.fluffymods.com


smh LeoShop has a better one and its cheaper :rofl:


Its free? :\

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Some free quality content? Some people wish they could

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Cheaper then free???

Thanks Fluffy, keep up the great work.

what does it replace?

its a addon

Hmm, im new in that… How to spawn this weapon? Or is it an item?
Nice release anyway

this isn’t his best work if you gonna compare lol

Hi, is there a components name for this ?

look in meta will have ids for gun and attachments

Can’t wait to show this to my server owner to upload it haha!

Good gun