[FREE] [EUP] San Andreas State Police SWAT EUP Package

Includes -

SASP SWAT EUP - Xenon Modifications.zip (4.3 MB)




It could be better if you explain how install it

because not everyone have experience installing mods

So the best way to download EUPs like this is by extracting all the files to your eup stream folder

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EUP is the easiest to install of all other streamable assets. All you need is a resource set out like this

eup (folder) - fxmanifest.lua (file)
            |- stream (folder)

The eup is you main resource directory, this is what you will put in your server config file so you would put “ensure eup” in your server config

The fxmanifest.lua is essentially just a file your server reads when starting the resource to understand what files to run, all we will need is an empty file named as we are only streaming content “fxmanifest” the file type must be .lua

Now the stram folder will be where you place all your eup files, you dont want folders in here just files, so simply just drag and drop all the eup content (files) into here.

Also when installing multiple eup content so lets say we install this SWAT EUP and another BCSO EUP you will just drag and drop your new eup into the folder that you already have your swat eup in, you may be prompted to replace existing files, whatever you feel is more important is what you should do. So replace if you want more BCSO eup or dont replace if you want more SWAT eup.

^^ Now there is a way around this, which is simply replacing texture numbers etc, but im not going to go into this, im sure there is a guide somewhere out there better at explaining this, you will just need to do some searching.

Bro what? Ever tried looking it up on youtube

is this addon eup or replace

Like a tutorial would be nice for this kind of stuff