[FREE] [ESX] wiro_commandbinding | keybinding

This script is similar to qb_commandbinding but this is free. you can change the keys inputs which its pertty good

script is turkish but its not hard to translate

IMPORTANT don’t translate the “boş” or script will not work

I hope you like it enjoy
sry for bad english



Another copy of QBUS.

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atleast he is not selling people on forums selling script by adding notfiys in scripts or changing NUI a lil and selling

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It’s free.

The script would work if you changed the weird text if you knew what you were doing.

You released this on the forums after downloading it from whatever weird website of leaks.
To further help the pour souls who use this you will have to change the actual logic behind the script at:


LMFAO I coded this from the zero and yes If you know what are you doing ofcourse you can translate it

It’s free. Go away with your negativity. Choice is never a bad thing.

It’s an hacked framework that eventually got shared with all. It’s someone work that been stolen and I’m not going to keep reply here cause the community here is utterly dumb.

Do you have any proof of this claim? The burden of proof is on you since you’re the one making the accusation.

I highly doubt that, but it would explain the horrible code.

cfx.re forum comunity is suck I am sharing something I spend time and work and they are being tox?c “OMG you thief this idea is stolen” BRO I coded this from zero and I upgraded it you can not find this script in any web site BECAUSE I CODED this from zero I am probly not gonna share anythink again because this comunity is so tox?c

We’re sorry you feel that way, my kindest apologies go to you sir.
But we also see similarities between this thread and the original QBus script.

We appreciate your effort and release.

Nice man!
Loved the script!

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Nice work like it bro

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