[FREE] [ESX] [UPDATED] Baspel DJ Script

Hello and welcome!

I bring to the community something special… Its a DJ Script using ox_lib for menu (changeable) and xSound for sync music. You can easly copy YouTube URL and paste into menu. The music can be pausable and resumable, you can easly change volume too from 0.01 to 1.


  • Simply copy coords from your game and past’em into config.lua


  • You can add as many spots as you want
  • You can change radius
  • Music Server synced through xsound
  • Currently supporting ESX
  • Everything is easily configurable
  • Can be modified
  • Support to ox_target (optional)
  • You can set each location for job only (optional)
  • Playlist from static URL in config




Update 18.12.2022

  • Added support for ox_target (optional)
  • Added playlist from static URL in config

Update 25.02.2023

  • Added support that you can set each location for job only (optional)

Link: GitHub - BaspelOp/dj_baspel: A simple and lightweight DJ script for FiveM ESX server.

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 260
Requirements ox_lib / xSound
Support Yes

Nice Script !

maybe you can add QTarget Support ? :>


Suggestion : Make it compatible with streaming mp3 or other audio format from it’s own folder with sounds. I can’t seem to find such thing, and all the scripts are using the same method with youtube link.
Nice script tho !

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Hello, you can check my other script named jukebox, there is a mp3 support only.

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I added ox_target support cuz has better optimalization and its 4x faster.

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Even better !

very good script bro


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Hi I have a problem as soon as I put your dj scripts in place I have an error @es_extended/imports.lua an idea of ​​the problem

Delete it from fxmanifest

could you add ox lib radial menu support

Any way you can fix it so it plays a Youtube Playlists , like this link “https:// youtu.be/XXYlFuWEuKI”