[FREE][ESX/QB] Shops Purchase System


MVS | Shops System (github.com) Free

  • Fully Framework Friendly
    • It is fully integrated and works properly with ESX, QB.
  • Fully Optimized and Sync
    • Instant refresh on the script server side and client side with special plugins.
  • Fully JSON Data
    • By using JSON data, we avoid unnecessary sql usage and faster processing is possible.
  • Edit Everything via Config
    • Shop locations, wholesale prices, market NPCs, notify system and more can be set via Config.
  • No More Normal Shop Systems
    • The player can have as many shops as they want.
    • They can put the items they want in these shops and set the price as they wish
    • Don’t just think of it as a supermarket, you can cancel the notification and turn it into an illegal shop.
    • A script that is completely open to development.

Configuration file



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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +1500
Requirements maV-core,ox_lib
Support Yes

Lover it :heart_eyes:, is there an ox inventory version comming?


nice work :heart:


Nice, Be sweet to see ox inventory work with it and ox target.


This is just the free version. If you stay tuned with us, we will be with you with a more detailed system. It will be compatible with all frameworks and inventories

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SCRIPT ERROR: @maV-purchaseshops/server/server.lua:55: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘xPlayer’)

why does that come

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why 2 cores?


QB and ESX Popular frameworks

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Please make sure maV_core is working properly, this problem should not occur.

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Good job!!!

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When people other than the business owner come to the market, how can they make their purchases from the inventory via the menu, that is, how can we open an inventory in the stash logic when people open the shop?

I don’t understand what you mean.

For example, when we open the market in the qb shops script, inventory is opened. However, in your script, when the customer buys a product, ox lib opens, can I make it so that the inventory opens as in the picture, or how can I do it?

For this, you will need to edit the qb-inventory side, otherwise it can be duplicated. If you come on Discord, I can help you.

Your discord link on github is not working, what is the current version?

wait pls

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