[free] [esx/qb/ox] loot box | case opening



Can you explain a little more how to use it? video if possible

I have read everything I can see. I have the script in my test it is working but I not even sure how to get the cases. Any help would be useful cheers

Looking at the code it’ll only work on qb-core.
You would have to fix esx compatibility and if not using the default inventory add in your code to make it work.

Also odd thing is there isn’t the source files for the built UI meaning you are quite stuck with the layout.

yep, wanted to wrote the same, kinda unusable like that…
Also it counts like encryption if im not wrong, so it shouldn’t even be here

Not encryption just minified. Cfx post guidelines are if it’s free it needs to be open source iirc, it can’t be escrowed or obfuscated.
You can still edit it but you’re going to get a headache just trying to reindent stuff.
I’ve tried it in the past

ESX functionality is built in with register usable item (ox also hooks onto this) care to explain more of “esx compatibility”

It was also a free release. Will release the full build later on if that’s what you guys care for.
Will be super easy to re-release as a paid resource however If I do that

Do you run esx?

  • do you run ox_inventory? if not add the items to your sql, if so add the items to your ox_inventory/data/items.lua

Do you run qb? (I assume never ran a qb core server)

  • add the items to your sql

This is fire!! using in my server and love it <3

Woops sorry, misread a line on the esx bridge file.
Does the player class function item add transfer to ox inventory ? Can’t remember about that

Not sure I do know I’ve had issues in the past with OX and making the item usable trying to use esx as the main source of the functionality and the code is 100% free so add a export aiming to server side in ox/items and replace my code if you have issues.

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