[FREE][ESX][QB][HUD] Ludaro_Smartwatch

[FREE][OPEN SOURCE][HUD] Ludaro_Smartwatch

Greetings, CFX Community!

I’m thrilled to introduce my latest creation: a Smartwatch Heads-Up Display (HUD), available to you completely free of charge.

Crafted with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind, this HUD is designed to be clean, straightforward, and adaptable. It marks my first project using Vue, a JavaScript framework, and my first project into NUI scripting. While it’s beginner-friendly, I have plans for ongoing updates

Key Features:

  • Minimal resource usage: 0.00 on idle and a mere 0.01 during use.
  • Fully open-source: Every component is free to look at in github
  • Note: To leverage the callback function, ensure you have ox_lib installed.


Preview Video: Watch here

If you need anything be free to write a comment here, or create a issue on github

you can download the script foi free on my github here

Before making a new release, kindly review our Release Rules and F.A.Q.

For Resource Sellers:

Code Accessibility Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines of Code N/A
Requirements ox_lib
Support Varied (Community)

Great woek ! :fire:


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def keeping this installed, great work!

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