[FREE][ESX/QB] Cyclus-StaffTag

Cyclus-StaffTag | ESX FRAMEWORK


➝ Simple command
➝ Everything synced
➝ Option to keybind (FiveM settings)
➝ Optimized to 0.00ms
➝ Encrypted with escrow
➝ Everything configurable in the config.lua
➝ Fully support


➝ ESX version: 1.1, 1.2, 1.6, 1.7.5 & 1.8.5


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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 151
Requirements ESX/QB
Support Yes

You written QB/ESX but there is no QB version

You right, my bad used a template… Gonna make one soon, atm very busy. Thx for letting know!

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It would be fantastic if you could add the ability to switch between a text mode or emoji type mode.
Overall, nice work.

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You have a bug whenever someone is up with a tag, whenever another player joins the server he gets your tag with your name aswell.

And when player leaves the server, it attaches the 3D text to the next one around him instead of removing.

Thx for letting know, I will push an update with a patch.

UPDATE - 21-01-2023
Fixed the weird bugs, when players log-out and get the tag above their head!

Now upon using the command the headtags are being placed on all the connected players in the server
Like when im going duty with the command it prints the Drawtext on the player near me instead of the other player sees it on me.

You have a short video for me, so I know what is going on when using? :slight_smile:

No need for a video, I will explain it simple. When the admin goes on duty, the 3D text attaches to the player nearby instead of on the admin ped (from my sight I can see tag above me when going on duty, from the other client side, he got my name and admin tag above his head aswell)

And this happends when you go on duty? So far I know there isn’t a duty code inside of the script, so you added some line in to it I think. Because you the only one who is complaining about it. Can you confirm this?

i have error