[FREE][ESX][QB] Advanced Crafting System

Experience immersive crafting in your FiveM server! Our crafting script allows players to gather resources, combine items, and create unique tools, weapons, and items. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or new to the art, our intuitive system makes crafting easy and rewarding. Explore the world, gather materials, and unleash your creativity to craft the ultimate gear. Join us now and embark on your crafting adventure


Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1500
Requirements oxmysql, ox_lib
Support Yes



great work :heart:

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Gute Arbeit und es funkioniert wunderbar!

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Nice bro


thanks bro <3

nice brother

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thank you bro


just restart script it have problem with automatic insert when you first start script

we will fix it soon

Fixed automatic insert for database table

its fixed now download it from github again

Putting or moving the props doesn’t work with the right and left mouse because when you press on it nothing happens and when you use the left mouse it puts the prop down, which isn’t supposed to be the case according to your information

Nope its working its raycast camera when prop freeze you just start to run or something like that and prop will unfreeze it happens sometimes when we figure new way for this we will update for now its only option possible

can you add permission for qbcore with the command?

Right now no, we 're working on the new exclusive gang script when we finish we will focus to update other scripts, thanks for understanding <3

nice script. Is there a way to add requires gang not job?