[FREE] [ESX] ebanking - Modern ESX Banking System (Offline Trasfers, Saving Goals, Banking History and more)

This Script is a nice modern Style Banking System for Fivem ESX with many Features:

  • modern and responsive ui
  • Darkmode
  • offline transfers and paying bills
  • Saving Goals and Saving Account
  • automatically generated IBAN (card number)
  • All ATMs on Map are working
  • Access ATM with Pincode Panel
  • Banking History
  • deposit, withdraw, transfer your money and pay your bills
  • language EN and DE

and more features comming soon.


  • transfer now colourised

  • some fixes

  • Charakter Avatar (mugshot) in Transactions and Profil Picture

  • more configurability like custom iban prefix

No Support | Currently not being further developed

Please do not Release the Script in your Name with out my Permission


Get it on Tebex for free:

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2k+
Requirements ESX, MySQL, esx billing,MugShotBase64
Support NO

Nice one

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Looks nice. But I think the design needs some work

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Will you also make this awesome banking compatible for QB-Core?

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Looks really nice, but the design is a little chunky &/ bulky.
Maybe add a bit of padding and margin between elements and make the ui not over the entire screen maybe.
But that is just some suggestions, do whatever you personally like.

Nice release!

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I’m still working on a few features, but when I’m done with it i might try to implement it in QB.

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Thanks for your opinion and the ideas, I think I could use some of them

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Change logs:


+ added Saving Goals and Account

+ Pincode Panel

+ other stuff


+ transfer now colourised

+added Player Avatar ( Player Mugshot ) to Transfer and Profile Picture

+ more configurability ( custom iban prefix, … )

+ some fixes

Heyyy so i got a Script error and i was looking for your discord but i can´t find it anywhere :confused: is there a way to get Support from you?

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Very cool script, everything as described. At first I had slight problems, but thanks to the fixed support from @GreenlightPlay it was up and running after 1-2 hours. good job

Sehr cooles Script, alles wie beschrieben. Anfangs hatte ich leichte Probleme aber durch den Fixen Support von @GreenlightPlay ist es nach 1-2 Stunden am laufen gewesen. Super Arbeit

Best Banking System :+1:t2:

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Hello People,

I decided to give you the script now for free.

Because I’m no longer working on the script at the moment.

Your Greenlightplay