[Free] [ESX] 187Hud_Rust

Tebex :

187Hud_Rust.zip (2.7 MB)


https://187shop.tebex.io/category/esx (Price : Free)

Preview :


Description :

187Hud_Rust is a reproduction of the HUD present in the game Rust

Information :

187Hud_Rust allows to know the level of thirst, hunger, health of the player and the durability of the kevlar

Optimization :

  • ~0.00 ms

All free releases must have a direct download link

I can’t do it with the tebex theme (otherwise I would have done it :slight_smile: )

u can add one to github or this post, y does it have to be on tebex?

I prefer who is on tebex

U have to either upload a rar or a github link.

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Good Work

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fier de toi fils ,

It’s good it’s done

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do you have discord? can i ask on how to put stress, idk how to use ur js to add stress. thank you

You can come pm here

Why Is the javascript encrypted?

Normally it should have been paid