[FREE] Dom Fuel | Player Owned Gas Stations



Start up: ~0.12/ms

In use: ~0.01/ms

Idle: 0.00/ms

What is this?

This is a standalone all in one player owned gas station script with a few dependencies to make sure everything runs

It's made to be an install and forget about it script where admins can set gas station owners with many options

Owners and stats are saved into the database and not reset every server restart

This resource includes:

  • Admin menu to assign owners and check stats
  • Owner menu to look at gas station stats
  • Owners can withdraw cash from sold fuel
  • Job where owners can purchase more fuel and complete the delivery
  • Car lose fuel like any fuel script
  • Animation and props from refueling
  • Database uploads on a timer

What do I need?

There are 4 dependencies needed to make sure the script runs , make sure you have the most recent releases:

- Ox Inventory

- Ox Lib

- Ox Target

- Ox MySQL


  • Install all dependencies and make sure they run
  • Upload dom_fuel SQL into your database
  • Setup permissions in your server cfg to use the admin menu
add_ace group.admin admingasstationmenu allow
  • Start dom_fuel AFTER all dependencies



nice work man really nice work


Ah yes, I love to see more ox resources. This looks amazing!

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but you don’t have a jerrycan to fill?

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g cant be standalone if it has dependencies but I like the script.


This is very close to what @Hyon made anyone know what is different more then the standalone ? link: [FREE][ESX] Player Owned Gas Stations

every time you assign a player a gas station you must restart the script ? XD

[ suggestion ]

Nice work but can you buildin a way to make it more realistic with getting the fuel like with esx_jobs you have a fueler job try to connect both with eachother or create a custom fueler job for it.

As always you made good script

Nice work ,add different types of fuels like petrol, electric for different type of vehicle

standalone & plug n’ play but you need to make changes to your current server to use such as changing your inventory system.

He means standalone as in no framework depencencies


Hey nice script but i found a bug if you pick a noozle and and get away from a gas station you can fuel your car in everywhere you want in a map


no conexta

Is there a way to have the blips only show on mini map when near or within a radius of the gas station?
For Gas delivery can there be a blue line like waypoint to give directions?
Can we add Employees say up to 2 employees and money is split by owner custom Percentage per employees and owner