[FREE] Custom License Plates and Patterns

If anyone found a way to change the text colour on the plates feel free to share

Hi, I need help. When I start the script on my server in F8 console, I get this.

Sounds like you either didn’t put the information in server.cfg correctly or you didn’t reboot your server after putting the information in there.

My xnplates was working fine I had them configed so it shows the way I wanted my license text formatted but now I’m having issues. The script loads successfully in the server but in my f8 menu I’m getting an error that says error in plates.Lua 21 but this is odd because I haven’t changed anything

Is there a way to change the plate5 pattern from LSPD to LAPD? When I try the cars spawn with random letters in place of the ‘S’

As mentioned in the initial post, patterns that are mentioned in the native repo for the native can be used. SetDefaultVehicleNumberPlateTextPattern - FiveM Natives @ Cfx.re Docs so if you want LAPD you’d do L^APD

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Got it. Thank you

Is it possible to make a FiveM Ressource out of this and integrate it into this one here to have actual California plates with proper text placement?

Probably not. The text being slightly misplaced is hardly worth the effort.

Great script! Do you know if it’s possible to change the color of text on the plates?

Not easily. Requires custom carcols and stuff from memory. I think we spoke about it above in this topic at some point.

Started working on said carcols, seems to work fine, but colors aren’t changing…