[FREE] Custom License Plates and Patterns

Then you’re probably running a VERY old server version or something odd. Make sure you’re updated. And also make sure your images you’re using are in the correct formats

I got them in the correct format but I dont know how to make custom NomalMaps(Bump Maps) and load them so you dont see the engraving of San Andreas

I didn’t include the functionality to do that since I didn’t think anybody would bother with it since it’s hardly noticable on such a small thing. (In my opinion it’s not worth it). I could easily add an update to do such, but to generate them truly requires special 3d modelling work and such.

Oh okay well thank you i appreciate that youre on of few who actually provide support for your peeps and i love the scripts youve released

Is streaming carcols.ymt even possible?

are you able to use hyphens in the formatting?
I’m thinking something like this:

You could just try it? or you could make that part of the license plate image itself. Either way should work.

how can you make a script to replace normal maps too? i know how to make nm´s i just dont know how to setup scripts lol, thanks in advance


  • You can now just define a plate pattern without changing the plate texture
  • You can now specify custom plate normal textures

xnPlates.zip (80.9 KB)

This is an example of just changing the plate pattern

setr plate_override_plate05 {
	"pattern" : "AAA-1111"

and this is an example of replacing the plate normal texture

setr plate_override_plate05 {
	"fileName" : "plates/snailplate.png",
	"normalName" : "plates/snailplate_n.png",
	"pattern" : "AAA-1111"
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Is it possible to change the font and color? and move the letters up a bit?

Not that I’m aware of.

That would likely require streaming the Carcols.meta, but I’ve been having a lot of trouble trying to make it work. Have you found anything?

Hello i get this error anyone know how to fix it?

You didn’t follow the installation guide in the post correctly. Try again.

I started the resource and used the example from above (where it replaces all 6 license plates)

Take a screenshot of your server.cfg with the information in it


start xnPlates

setr plate_override_plate01 {
“fileName” : “plates/snailplate.png”,
“normalName” : “plates/plateNormals.png”,
“pattern” : “AAAA1111”

setr plate_override_plate02 {
“fileName” : “plates/snailplateRed.png”,
“pattern” : “CFX 0111”

setr plate_override_plate03 {
“fileName” : “plates/snailplateYellow.png”,
“pattern” : “AAA 111”

setr plate_override_plate04 {
“fileName” : “plates/snailplateGreen.png”,
“pattern” : " A1A1A1 "

setr plate_override_plate05 {
“fileName” : “plates/snailplateBlue.png”,
“pattern” : “LSPD 111”

setr plate_override_yankton_plate {
“fileName” : “plates/snailplatePink.png”,
“pattern” : " 1111"

All I can think of is you’re running a VERY VERY VERY old server build.

Im running the latest build

I worked after a few Server restarts.
Thanks for your help!