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Computers and laptops with features that are enriching roleplay on your server.

I’m proud to share with you my resource that I have been working on for several months. Hope you guys enjoy it and I’m waiting for any feature requests and bug reports! :heart:

preview video // github repo


Features & Advantages :sparkles:

  • Mails application with account creation and real mail system
  • Market application that allow players to create post
  • Data Heist: detect, infiltrate, breach, sell data! Immersive cybercrime
  • Create applications/addresses and console commands for your needs and add a layer of innovation that transforms your server experience.
  • IP address
  • Customizable by the player (themes, language)
  • Console system with multiple commands such as:
    • ip-tracer to find someone’s location from their IP address
    • netscan to scan the network
    • a connect command to go on a domain
    • some basic commands:
      • shutdown
      • taskkill
      • start
      • and more…
    • and more…
  • Console basic QoL things such as autocomplete with tab or history with arrow up and down
  • Addresses available via the console (including a darkchat by default)
  • Maintened & open-source
  • Secure against NUI abuse
  • Optimized
  • Customizable by developers
  • Support available
  • Documentation detailed
  • No libraries used for the UI (pure JS, pure CSS)

Documentation :closed_book:

You can find full documentation here



WOW :fire: I can’t believe it’s free
i added German language
locales.js (26.0 KB)
locales.lua (1.0 KB)


Thanks for your contribution, I’ll push this asap

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Heres the spanish ones:
locales.js (26.6 KB)
locales.lua (1.1 KB)

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Thanks for your contribution too, same as above I’ll push it asap

For next time please fork the repo and make a PR

In raw js and css is crazy. Good work!


did the PR thanks!

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this is awesome!!

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More of this needs to happen, lovely work.


Awesome work! Thanks for the release.


Absolute bomb of a release. Great work!

Great release! I have never seen anything like this before. You definitely were thinking outside the box with this one. Keep up the good work!

This looks amazing! Big thank you for the free release :slight_smile:

Will there be update for standalone instead of QbCore and ESX. My server is a hyrbid server of vMenu Standalone using many OxLib scripts I had to write and convert to work for vmenu. Is there any plans to do standalone version.

Hello, yes I’ll implement oxlib in the near days


This is cool, awesome that you did it for free at that.

Looks great!

amazing work can wait to see what the future comes!!

Super cool, thank you for sharing it with the community!