[FREE] Cayo Perico alongside San Andreas

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Introducing a seamless travel solution for all adventurers: embark on exhilarating journeys to and from the captivating shores of Cayo Perico with ease!


  • ox_lib
  • Gamebuild 2189 or above.


  • Both San Andreas and Cayo Perico are enabled alongside one another.
  • You can view both maps on the minimap and pause menu without issues such as the “hover bug” or disable it if you use another.
  • Mansion gates are unlocked.
  • Hanger gates have been opened but can be closed again by following what is mentioned here.
  • Anti-aircraft weapons, boat blockers, sea gate and sea mines have been disabled but can be re-enabled by following what is mentioned here.
  • Can keep radio stations, disable them completely or show “No Signal” instead.
  • Includes locale support, PR’s for more languages are welcomed and appreciated.
  • Can check if a player is on Cayo Perico using the onCayoPerico statebag.

Download on github: Here


Any plans for the hanger open variation for the main hanger on the runway?

I opened it, it’s on the latest version on GitHub. Along with removal of the boat blockers and water gate.

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Thank you

Well done Scully as always.

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Great resource Scully!

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Ive been lookin for this and you absolutely KILLED it…good job my guy !