[Free] b-discordbooster - Reward your Discord boosters!

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b-discordbooster is a beyond simple free script for server owners to give a reward to their discord boosters! Honestly, I saw some people charging for easily code like this and decided to just write this up… it took me all of 15 minutes.


The script is currently coded to work with QBCore. If you are using another framework, you may change framework-dependent code in server/functions.lua.

  • Your framework (default is QBCore, but is easily editable).
  • A database.
  • Happiness.


  • Easily provide a reward to your discord boosters in-game!


  1. Drag-and-drop the script into one of your resource folders. Ensure this resource starts before any other resource that uses it.
  2. Remove -main from the folder name for this resource.
  3. Add your discord server ID and bot token to the config.
  4. Configure the reward you’d like players to get.
  5. Run the sql file in your database.
  6. Profit.


Any and all pull requests are appreciated. They will be reviewed in the order received and tested to ensure they do not break the script.


I most likely will not be offering support for this script as it is completely open source. If you think there is code that needs to be changed, feel free to push over a pull request.


Thank you!!!

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Nice release!

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Thank you!

all i get with this

[script:b-discordboos] 400

Just making sure… you do have your bot token and guild id set in the config?

yes i have my bot token and guild id set