[FREE] ArcadeIPL 🕹️

If you’re like me, you don’t see the need for streaming GBs and GBs of either MLOs or vanilla GTA 5 interiors, so why not enforce your gamebuild, request IPLs and entitysets, and have interiors the way Rockstar Games intended?

With this resource, you can load in the arcade from the Casino Heist DLC. *


  • Fixed Lester’s whiteboard scribble and flipped rotation to be on the correct side

  • Removed extra arcade machines from entityset which caused a ‘flickering of textures’

Coordinates: X 2737.96, Y -374.12, Z -47.99

This does not include teleporters and / or doorlocks. That is your responsibility.

Huge shoutout to @Consurgent for the help and @MrBrown1999 for the original streaming resource.



  1. Extract ArcadeIPL folder and add add to your resources folder.

  2. Add start ArcadeIPL to your server.cfg

  3. Enjoy


This repository does not contain a license, therefore you are not allowed to add one and claim it as yours.

You are not allowed to sell this however you may add to bob74_ipl or any other IPL resource

You are not allowed to change/add a license.

Pull requests are accepted as long as they do not contain breaking changes.

You can read more here HERE

Download :floppy_disk::


Alternatively, you can use my fork of Online Interiors which contains map blips, teleporters and many other neat features including map fixes.

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Awesome work, buddy!

Nice catch!

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Good job!

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Both yours and MrBrowns code worked, and I’d used MrBrown’s for years, but since using and updating people’s resources, I didn’t want to stream the whole mapa. The two extra machines bothered me lol;

I really should have looked at your code a lot sooner, I was under the assumption you just separated them lol.

But yeah, now it’s an IPL and entityset script

I like this map , I think we can make good scripts for this :grin:

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There’s a lot of exterior locations, however I use this one as it has a garage around the back of the building:

I also use a teleporter:

 -- On Foot
      [158] = {text = "Exit", coord = vector3(2737.96, -374.12, -47.99), h = 174.4, dest = {159}},
      [159] = {text = "Enter", coord = vector3(758.76, -816.06, 26.29), h = 278.34, dest = {158}},

   --  Garage Vehicle Teleports 
	[250] = {text = "Exit Garage", dest = {251}, coord = vector3(2680.64, -361.38, -55.19), h =  267.19, veh = true},
	[251] = {text = "Enter Garage", dest = {250}, coord = vector3(723.93, -822.25, 24.75), h = 181.28, veh = true},

this is only a code snippet. copy pasting into a lua file won’t do jack shit lol

Awesome release! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Just curious, does this get all arcade locations?

There is only one arrrrcaaade interior in the game, you would have to do something to conceal players if you wanted to “own” it, much like other interiors. You also need teleporters.

I have added teleporters etc in my other resource, online interiors which is on my github.

Gotcha, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

If your server has another location with the same map, remove it. For whatever ridiculous reason, some people completely move the interior into an MLO, rather than simply cloning it :man_shrugging::roll_eyes::unamused:.

Also, update your server artifacts at least once a month, people. Smh.