[FREE] 2 New 24/7 Store Locations. Alta and Paleto Bay

More pictures Alta, Paleto bay

I have made these two stores long time ago, but never released them here, so here you go now.

247_alta.zip (1.3 MB)

247_paletobay.zip (5.3 MB)

Please do not rerelease without my permission.

I have tried these with gamebuilds 1604, 2699 and 2802. Let me know if there are issues with other gamebuilds.

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Subscription-based No
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Requirements No requirements
Support No

very nice! would be good if the maps went to keymaster tho as its better in the long run

Per the free release rules, free releases must contain a non-escrowed version of the release.

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What’s the difference from your paleto 24/7 and the one below?

alta location I fall through the floor once inside

Same Screen capture - 03e25a4e7068c7638e3f81c8b5b18f64 - Gyazo

@Apatt7882 and @Kerizi What dlc level are you using on your servers and do you have any conflicting maps? I dont have any issues with the alta location.

What dlc level do you advise people use?

I have tried it with 1604, 2699 and 2802.

i have 2699

tried this i have a skin conflict with it where you can not see the shop is actually there in Alta

why would keymaster be better for a free release? im a bit confused