Fps code for five m making red m crash

Server Artifact Version: not sure

Operating System (Windows/Linux): windows

Error screenshot (if any): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1145141941076512868/1203196020742291486/Screenshot_2024-02-02_175013.png?ex=65d0369d&is=65bdc19d&hm=65032bd64067143ebba95e6cb18a2ceb2802f58a4dad4ebebd3c3ce2aa3d6bcd&

Crash files (if any):
cb87c38f-d82e-4617-8f3e-d12f553fbfd4.dmp (8.7 MB)

Server config (server.cfg): not sure

Path to server files: not sure

Path to cfx-server-data files: not sure

Describe your issue used a uncap fps input from five m into the red m f8 menu and then it made me crash and i cant load up red m at all now crashes everytime

What have you tried? tried clearing cache uninstalling and reinstalling red m restarting pc verifying files through steam making a new steam and new rockstar account and trying to load in tried updating drivers tried everything i could think of