FOV for FiveReborn?

Hello guys!

Is it possible to use FOV Mod in fivereborn?




@jwbjnwolf An how exactly do I install the mod? I tried to install it like the location mod but it doesn’t work. I have the fov.ini and I don’t know where to install the dsound.dll …

@jwbjnwolf Thanks again! You are the best! :smiley:

how did you install fov mod?

@Rayland-Wolve how you installed the fov mod? can you help me?

goes into plugins and the ini goes into fiver root and change distance in there

plugins folders in fivereborn dir, right?

I inserted the dll in plugins and the ini in five root, but it not working, some friends are trying too and nothing…

i need to insert some file in the gta directory too?