Forgotten Trails Serious RP 18+ Active Staff Hiring Police & Doctors, Active Development and fun events

Forgotten Trails Serious RP 18+ Active Staff Hiring and Promotion bonus for Police & Doctors, Active Development and fun events

Discord : Forgotten Trails

About Forgotten Trails:

Forgotten Trails was established with a primary objective: to cultivate a secure and inclusive community space. Our continuous growth reflects our ongoing commitment to expanding our community and extending a warm welcome to all.

Explore your prowess as a sharpshooter and confront the challenges presented by outlaws by engaging with law enforcement within the local Sheriff’s Office. For those averse to hierarchical structures, the path of a bounty hunter might be more fitting. Alternatively, individuals inclined towards healing can pursue careers as certified medical professionals or embrace indigenous practices as a shaman, inheriting ancient wisdom. Skilled in crafting and drawn to the artistry of firearms? Learn the trade and become the most sought-after gunsmith in the region. And for enthusiasts of equine companions, master the art of taming, training, and racing these majestic creatures.

However, if a tranquil life on the farm or the solitude of a hermitage appeals to you, those choices are equally available within our community.

Highlighted Features:

  • Horse Training
  • Player-Owned Stores and Businesses
  • Crafting
  • Farming
  • Player Robberies
  • Transportation via Trains
  • Fishing
  • Customizable Weaponry
  • Collectibles
  • Cinema and Live Entertainment
  • Factional Gangs
  • Pet Companionship
  • Stables
  • High-Stakes Bank Heists
  • Store Robberies
  • Hunting Expeditions
  • Bounty Hunting Pursuits
  • Secure Coach Deliveries
  • Artisanal Moonshining
  • Comprehensive Jail System
  • Ranch Management
  • Blackjack Tables
  • Mail Services (Mailbox / PO Box)
  • Diverse Player Homes and Interiors
  • Train Robberies

Open Positions for Recruitment:

  • Staff Team
  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Medical Professionals

Explore opportunities with Forgotten Trails through our Tebex link: [Forgotten Trails Tebex Link]

  1. Fixed a few delivery job bugs

  2. Updated Stores script. Store items can now be purchased with same mechanisms as moving things to your storage (horse/wagon/house/etc)

  3. Stables script update to fix some bugs.

  4. Regions have been removed from Police, Marshals & Sheriffs No matter where they are they all will get an alert now. Now the criminals have stores and forts they can go rob.

5.Female bodies are now complete. Do /undress for undergarments do /dress to put your clothes back on.

  • Added FemPedBaseModel
  • Added FemPedTexture
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  • Added soft whitelist to county via discord verification
  • Added a rules button upon entering the county (next restart)
  • Fixed society shops around the county linked to businesses
  • Added horse racing tracks at Emerald Ranch & Outside of Blackwater
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been a lot of fun a amazing changes to the county

  • Added Poker Table in rhodes.
  • Added single instance location for clothing menu with teleport doors from all clothing stores.
  • Added new gunstore in Armadillo
  • Added Card Collector & Dealer (Enjoy)
  • Added Medical MDT for Doctors
  • Added MDT for Police
  • Updated Mining and wood cutting (need to double click picks and axes to start)
  • Updated all legendary hunting locations and baits (you need to find out in RP)
    and much much more please refer to discords change logs
    or come and find out your self in county !
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Can we get a new discord link, all of them are invalid

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  • Mexico added and first town to open is (Escalera)

  • New stable added in (Escalera)

  • New Gen Store in (Escalera)

  • Doctors office opened in (Escalera)

  • New boat System added (next restart all owned boats will be parked at Blackwater dock you can pull out and park it at another dock you will be able to use boat fully over water to mexico )

  • Prone added to County (next restart to use press Z to prone and L ctrl to get back up )

  • New town Chuparosa added to Mexico

  • Moved most fast travels next restart

  • Added Notebooks to county you can write notes or more

  • Added backpacks to county (can be used to carry more items )

  • Changed amount of coal used per sec on boats and how mush you get per coal used

  • Moved some crafting items to basic category
    (both after restart )

  • Loading screen added to server
    (will be updated often with new photos and clips from ⁠:camera::clapper:┇social-pic-and-clips so share some good stuff from with in the county and with the watermark if possible ! )

  • Fixed Long wait / load time at character screen before you can pick your character

  • Farming / Gathering item stacks increased to 42 items per stack
    (if you get a message saying you reached the item limit pull all the items out of the inv and then put them back in it will have the new limit then most should be fine)

  • Some changes done to Fertilizer crafting some types will reward 5 bags not one now
    Fertilizer with Squirrel now will use Gray Squirrel not black

  • if you die in water you will now be teleported to the the shore then you can call a doc to help you



Join us today lovely county that you will enjoy Roleplay I hope to see you join Forgotten Trails Forgotten Trails


Join us today lovely county that you will enjoy Roleplay I hope to see you join Forgotten Trails Forgotten Trails