For anyone wanting to know current bugs

I will keep this upto date.

Okay, Here’s what i have figured so far with the update/

1: .dll scripts seem to be failing “FrFuel & foodhud”

FrFuel did a hotfix update

2: Fixed.
3: Some players are still unable to join servers.
4: If someone joins a server without having the current update, People with the update can’t join.
5: Players getting stuck on loading screen. (possibly due to some scripts now failing)

Verify/Update your game.

6: “Can not connect to session provider” Means the host of the server does not have the updated FiveM.
7: Handling data now not working. (Server side or client side)
8: es_banks has stopped working. (Tested, Is working but yellow blips are gone)
9: Vehicle Menu “m” key, has stopped working in some cases.
10: Many people at once get booted from the server with a crash message.
11: Some planes/copters kick you out and guns are unusable.
12: Spawning some planes can cause you to crash. (ERROR “fish-triple-cola”)
13: You cant export your clips in R* editor
14: Mecano script from N3mtv framework is causing all cars to break when entered.

If you do not get prompted to update try these steps:
1: Press "WINDOWS_KEY + R"
2: Search Regedit
3: Copy this "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V"
4: Change GTA InstallFolder path to gta path for fivem.
5: Run your GTA (not fivem) and it should update.
I havn't tried this as i have not needed to.

Or try this method which gives you the latest Launcher/SocialClub

If i find anymore issues i will post here, and not whine.

Try not to bother the FiveM devs in discord, They know the issues and are working on correcting them, Stay patient.



I just tried addon cars and they work.

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Must have been fixed, Thank you :slight_smile:

press ESC 4 times breaks ui
Then it crashes after that.

half my community in our custom FiveM server cannot join and get stuck in the loading screen after trying to join a server.

Is it possible to get a version before this update that broke everyone’s game?

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There is not, But the devs are hard at work trying to fix these issues, They stated this update wasnt meant to be pushed just yet, But things happen :slight_smile:

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I see. It would be nice to know when it’s fixed. I have dozens of people freaking out right now in our server community. :frowning:

And props to the devs for dealing with this craziness. I know how hard it is to work with the pressure.

There working really hard dont worry :smiley:

I always have infinite loading screen and my GTA 5 is updated.
This is where my loading is blocking (in console):

Try verifying game cache

opening the menu map dissables all “F”-Keys so you cant use trainers and have to rejoin

I use Rockstar version, where is cache folders ? (But this is my 50players who have infinite loading screen not only me)

the cache folder is in %appdata%/local/fivem/fivem application data/

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Updated the description, Keep these reports coming :smiley:

what is the fivem update for servers? could you link me?

Update your GTA V game to last version and reinstall FiveM

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FrFuel doesn’t work for me after the refuel

Yeah it’s a known issue :slight_smile:


How can I do thats ?

read the description, there is two ways