Florida State Roleplay DOJRP

Hello This is my server it is new it just came out to the Public the Server has 100+ Custom CIV cars More Civ Cars Coming soon We Have Active Owner/Staff We have a Public Officer Outfit Car and Role We are Still Adding Public Fire and Medic F5 Is the Vehicle Menu F1 Is the vMenu M is the LEO Menu and even more Chat Commands We have applications for Departments the Sheriff and Fire Department are still getting worked on We are Looking for More Staff This is our Discord Server where you can Apply and More https://discord.gg/2NTeK2 If the invite Expires Comment Discord Invite and Somebody or me will be able to help you Here is our Server IP Hope you like it

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Discord Invite

it is really fun server you would love it here and then call it home for your roleplay server. we will help out new incoming people. please don’t forget to check us out.
DISCORD link Florida State DOJ RP