Florida State | New Quality FiveM Server

Welcome to Florida State FiveM! :beach_umbrella:


Florida State is a new high quality, economy-based role player managed by dedicated and player-focused staff. Our FiveM server is online and open 24/7 (with a daily automated restart to keep it healthy), whether staffed or unstaffed. This allows players to play with friends or manage their business, no matter what time.

What we have to offer

:small_blue_diamond: Quality role-playing: Our server is dedicated to providing an authentic and immersive role-playing experience. With strict RP rules and a group of experienced players.

:small_blue_diamond: Quality Role Play Sessions: Although our server is open 24/7, We have Quality Guaranteed Sessions which is sessions where multiple staff are online for the entire duration.

:small_blue_diamond: Active Community: Join the community of people who share your interest in Roleplaying. Connect with your fellow players, make new friends, and create memorable experiences together!

:small_blue_diamond: Regular updates: We regularly update our server with new features, and enhancements. This gives our server a new and exciting experience.

:small_blue_diamond: Responsive Staff: Our professional team is always ready to help you. Whether you need help, have suggestions, or want to report an issue.

How do I join?

You can find us at discord.gg/floridast or at our Website