(Flippin-RP)Lots to offer we have all types of jobs with whitelisted police and ems, houses, cars, and serious rp.💯

Looking For a new server to make it your home? If so look no further we are a newly server economy based with jobs, houses, gangs, serious rp and all the above. I am still currently working on custom addon cars already have custom cop cars and cop uniforms in. Soon will put in Custom civ clothes and cars. A few staff positions might be open eventually but there are requirements! Join in on the fun you guys are the community! We are also hiring for Police, Fire/EMS and there are lots of other jobs to come.
Please bare with me as I am still currently working on this server and open for any suggestions from the community as it builds!

Will be posting pics from ingame soon!

We also have a guy that does alot of tiktok vids while in the server if yall want to go check it out his link is TikTok