Flashing Lights Roleplay Community | "Together, we build tomorrow."

Flashing Lights Roleplay Community - Established 2020
Hello there! :wave:
My name is Zachary Lackey! Along with my duties as the Colonel of the San Andreas Highway Patrol, I am the Executive Director of Flashing Lights Roleplay Community. I invite you to become a member of our community.

:clipboard: Server Information
Server IP —

:busts_in_silhouette: What makes us different?
We’re a different type of realistic roleplay. We believe that roleplay can be realistic and be exciting!

  • Active staff members with promotion opportunities available!
  • Motivated leadership, custom department vehicles, and computer-aided dispatch system.
  • Community events to build the community comradery.
  • Streaming friendly! We want to support you and your content!
  • Start your own business! Create a roleplay family! The opportunities are limitless!

:red_car: What should I expect when roleplaying?
When you roleplay with us, you can expect realistic, accurate roleplay. Create in-depth, meaningful scenes for optimal involvement! Not only do we have emergency services departments, but we also have a legal system! Disagree with an officer’s action? Take it to court! See someone not following the rules? Report them. We review each report individually and take punishment very seriously.

:classical_building: We have core values.

  • We believe every member is equal and deserves respect and fairness.
  • We believe roleplays should be fun, interactive, and in-depth!
  • We believe that staff work for the people, so the people have the voice!
  • We believe our community is a recreational, supportive environment for all members.

:loudspeaker: We are still hiring leadership!
Have experience in community or department leadership? We’ve got a spot for you. We’re still hiring people to help lead our community and departments!

:exclamation: We need you and your talent!
You’re looking for a new server to join. That shows us that you’re motivated for something new and fresh. We are still in the early stages of our community and we need ambitious people to grow our community and help it take its shape!

:sleepy: TL:DR
Here’s the recap for you.

  • Active, supportive staff. :people_holding_hands:
  • Dedicated developers for optimal server experience. :desktop_computer:
  • Limitless possibilities for members. :infinity:

What are you waiting for? Join us today and be the change!

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