Fix the "bubble" of 32 People's Voice Slots

Nope, can’t find any fix, i hope R* games find a solution

‘voice slots’? Huh?

Onesync is set for a maximum of 32 players, from player 32 onwards within 500 meters the Desync comes into play and therefore no players can be seen or heard @d-bubble

The what? Without a repro or any actual info I don’t think anyone can do anything here.

I talked to the founder of the redM server where I play, he told me that the CFX developers are already at work to solve this problem, if they are at work then you can also close, Thanks!


I have the same problem, but I can’t really repro this problem as it only happens when the server is running for some time. I have the feeling that when the server has reached ID 250+ the desync between players start happening and people stop hearing and seeing eachother, feels like there are seperate buckets next to eachother where some groups get seperated from eachother in voice and vision.

Now I don’t know if this is a problem with OneSync, or something badly configured on our end, but I can’t really find the issue where pma-voice starts cracking after a while and weird stuff starts happening with people not seeing or hearing eachother and such.

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did you find any fix?

d-bub is lol he’d know

Strange reply to a 2 year old post

has anyone found a fix?