[FIX] Assertion Failure

[FIX] Assertion Failure: vkAllocateMemory(Device,&MemoryAllocateinfo, nullptr, &ImageMemory)


The Problem:
For this Crash, My issue occurred while changing the Settings of RedM to fit what I needed, one wrong change of my display crashed the game and refusing to load up again.

Steps I Tried:
From the pain of being unable to open the game to fix the settings, I tried to reinstall RDR2/RDRO First to no avail, changing tactics to deleting everything possible that I could find for RedM and reinstalling the Application more than 3 times.

The Solution:
Well with my dismay My Friend/Acquaintance, Spazzy went through the trouble of finding the solution to the point of exploring all the files and the folder addresses being called by RedM which we found out there was a hidden folder located at "%APPDATA%\CitizenFX\rdr3_settings\"

The Solution is you need to delete the rdr3_settings folder located in the CitizenFX folder, for me it worked instantly allowing me back in RedM to never touch display settings again.


Windows Key + R


Delete the folder then open the game, it’ll recreate the rdr3_settings and should fix the issue

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Hey guys. I tried all steps but there is still the crash. I get an Blackscreen and a few seconds after the same error message appears. I begging for help, i cant start RedM and i tried every simple step like delte the folder, reinstall, everything.

I just wanna play man xD

What Error are you getting?