Fivereborn wont extract / download

so early today it just worked fine now it didnt start so i tryed reinstalling,
now evryting went downside,
when i double click fivereborn.exe it inly extract’s
then it just stop’s noting happens,
tryed redownloading the exe file but didnt help either,anyone els got this?

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Try deleting all your current FiveReborn files and then reinstalling the most recent version.


thats what i already did a few times
now iam getting the error
remote caches file could not be parsed.
check if is availble in your browser witch is not,
so update server’s are down?

I had the “remote caches file could not be parsed” error around 30 minutes ago but i kept on trying to run the FiveReborn.exe and eventually got passed the error, now i’m stuck on updating the game cache which stops at 87% downloaded with an error message to do with the Social Club.

gues server’s then same as this?

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same problem here pliz help :smiley:

Yes exactly the same error as in your screenshot.

matter of time then i gues

Stopping download on social club thing :slight_smile:

Yep just a matter of time as you say mate, hopefully it will be working again soon, i’m going to keep trying to update and see how it goes.

sammahär helppärnä pliz :confused:

i yes i keep geting the same error

works for me now u should tryit again now