FiveReborn Trainer Not Opening

For some odd reason, my Trainer will not open up and I have tried reinstalling the game and I have made sure that I have all of the Microsoft frameworks up to date. I am able to join a server and see everyone typing in chat but when I press F1 nothing will pop up and when I press F2 I cannot no-clip like my friend and nothing happens when I press F3. If anyone else has this problem and has fixed it could you tell me how you did so?

  • Thank you in Advance!
  • Also if this helps, every single server I join I notice a red Square in the upper left hand corner.
  • I have tried reinstalling the game and the client 2 times already with no results.
  • I have also tried using a different script hook but the game does not allow me, ( I receive an error message telling me to delete the cache and run the client to install it again.)