FiveReborn/pΛ/проектΛ hotfix - January 1st, 2017

As is almost customary for the holiday season, we have pushed out an update to pΛ on the production branch! It is a client update, and fixes some long-lasting issues.

Summarized changelog

  • Fixed IPv6 handling for real this time (the last update did not parse the port properly). This should allow connecting to a server over IPv6, for instance using Teredo.
  • Fixed the game crashing on launch on Windows systems installed in East Asian languages. (as reported by @pandora2948 and others)
  • Patched Chrome source code to remove GPU blacklisting checks that were causing some NVIDIA Optimus systems to not show any user interface. (thanks to @Xinerki for reporting this and debugging!)
  • Added message box and additional ANGLE_TRACE=1 output for egl::Initialize failures (as reported by the community in the topic dedicated to these issues, keep the reports coming with the new information this update shows!)

Note: Since this is only a hotfix the manifest version still did not change.

On an elemental level, 2017 has been entered fine, and the project will carry on this year! :eggplant: