FiveReborn has stopped working issue

  • GTA V latest version
  • Legit copy/SocialClub
  • Windows 10 pro/drivers up to date

I joined the server tracks/mountains yesterday. I was playing like i used to with others but when i moved to a track with more than 4/5 people my game stops working. I can see small numbers of players next to me but if there is more than 5 the game is dead. It happens everytime, I havent change anything in my files/folders. My plugin folder is up to date with enhanced reborn (latest version). Steam is running in the background. I have tried to reinstall the game, reinstall fiver, everything. My pc is beast, the game runs smooth on ultra/res. Ive tried to not move for almost 2hr after i joined the server. Sometimes i get the windows sound and everyone disconnects from the server except me.

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