FiveReborn Control List

I tried searching the boards and a google search and I couldn’t come up with any information for it. What I’m looking for is a list of controls that would be used on FiveReborn on the client side. For instance, I understand F1, F3, F11 and such but I am more looking for the controls where when I hit NumPad 1 it makes my player fall over?

I’m new to RP/GTA so this is more or so for my use?

Edit : I was able to find a control list located within the FiveReborn folders, that being said - it lists items as VK_Keys which a GoogleSearch has yielded me to believe it’s Virtual Keys. That being said, VK_Left/VK_Right (google) says it is mouse button left and right howver In Game keybinds make this hard to believe? Is that accurate though?

Ask the creator of FiveReborn trainer.