Fivereborn and nickname

Hello there !

I’ve got some troubles with Fivereborn and the nickname ingame

I play the GTA 5 Windows version, not steam and when i launch Fivereborn, its automaticaly take my windows user name as nickname in game

When i go in the settings of fivereborn to set a nickname it doesnot work :confused:

Have you got a solution ?

legit copy or not?
and also it cant use your windows user as for the ingame nickname you didn’t apply the nickname,
as for it to not work is not possible

Yes its a legit copy :slight_smile:

Be sure that i’m 100% right when i say that fivereborn take my windows user name because its a specific name and its appear only there !

i don’t see how I’m supposed to believe you a 100% if I don’t see anything to go by

If you have steam turn it on and launch Fivereborn then change ur steam to what you want to be displayed in fivereborn

Dude, sorry i dont come here to find a lawyer ^^

You probably dont understand what its my problem

If you do what I said above it will work doesn’t matter if you have steam version or not. I don’t use steam version but it hooks into steam anyway

You should also be able to manually update your in-game name by pressing the gear icon at the top of the server list. Doesn’t always save between game launches for me, though.

Thats never worked for me but I’m on steam all the time so not really that bothered