FiveM update - May 4th, 2019

An update to FiveM has been published to the production channel.

Notable changes

  • Enable ASLR to protect against potential unauthorized code execution by servers. This functionality was removed since it relied on high-entropy ASLR to still work, which is not available on Windows 7.

  • Fix various asset-related crashes caused by a bug affecting many versions of ZModeler3 where asset loading would lead to random memory corruption of locations inside an asset. These asset files are technically invalid, however we now ignore the data set for this inside the asset, and instead recalculate the data on load time.

    Note that this same issue would apply to any case where such assets are loaded into GTA V, including singleplayer and other GTA V multiplayer modifications, and potentially lead to random crashes with certain assets exported by ZModeler as well. The patch applies to FiveM singleplayer, too, of course, so use of such is recommended as it’s highly unlikely that all affected assets will be re-exported.

    Mind you, the license for the patch is the usual ‘CitizenFX’ source-required distribution license - if using the patch’s code in another GTA V product, the entire product has to be open-sourced apparently you’re not allowed to use any game-specific code in GTA V outside of FiveM. Whoops!

  • Additional tweaks to anti-cheating functionality, including removal of a popular loophole that was accidentally added a few updates ago.

  • Fix usage with recent Steam client builds.

  • A number of tiny bug fixes for certain user-reported crashes.



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Great work!

Glad to hear about anti-cheat improvements, I’m suffering a lot from all kind of cheaters.

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Thanks for your work guys


Was hoping for a snail with a lightsaber. :slight_smile:

awsome update btw :wink:

Very Good

Wie lang wir das dauern?

how long will that take?

Why cant i link my account? It doesnt let me to do it

Does that mean physics validation errors have been fixed? Or patched in such a way the authors don’t have to re-export their models?

Looking good

Very Good

Nice update!

Closed since people are posting about unrelated issues in this topic.