FiveM update - March 27th, 2018

Another update has been released. Yay!

Summarized changelog

  • Increase the limit of drawable dictionaries (.#dd files) to allow more than 65536 drawable dictionaries. This should give you :statue_of_liberty:. on the LC server
  • Fix a performance regression in StreamingPreparation. Someone broke it. Now it’s not. :bar_chart:
  • Officially support FiveM singleplayer, for when you’ve had enough of other people. :person_climbing:
    • It should have a shortcut next to your FiveM.exe. Launch it and play the GTA V campaign with your FiveM mods, addons and the core system improvements! :open_mouth:
  • Fix Discord rich presence not working if not running Steam. Now it’s not poor anymore! :moneybag:
  • Singleplayer gets a fancy new icon. :camera_flash:
  • Window titles are branded now, like cattle. :cow2:
  • Some C# APIs that were broken work. :musical_note:
  • The server detail page now shows Steam avatars for steamy players. :person_in_steamy_room:
  • There were some bug fixes for runtime resource reloading, mainly for racist servers. :checkered_flag:
  • … and some fixes we forgot about from the last intermediate update. :chopsticks:

Officially support FiveM singleplayer, for when you’ve had enough of other people.

for when you’ve had enough of other people.

Haha :rofl:

I do spot a deficiency of emotes in this announcement post :o


fixed :o

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So basically after this update my server doesn’t work anymore :scream:

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What makes you think that?

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I installed before patch some new resources, then I tested it. Worked.
After the Patch my client crashs (and thats with everyone!) at Fetching server info.

Then make a technical support topic, so we can assist you with this.

Okay, i’ll try it. I already wrote a ticket at Zap hosting.

i dont quite understand the single player thing. What FiveM mods can I play with in story mode since most mods are server side.

A lot of mods are client side only:
Car spawn/custom


where do we install mods like eup

How does client side FiveM work with “custom mods”? Most mods etc posted on this website are server side (Cars etc) so how will that work with FiveM single player?

5m single player is :b:roken :eyes:

For you, maybe. (20)

Make a technical support topic if you have issues with FiveM SP. make sure you fill out the technical support template.

@Buggeroff Any ideas (20)


I didn’t knew servers can be racist… :joy::joy:

FML, the scroll bug is still there.

I tried launching Fivem SP and hanged on the intro mission?


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The fivem client is freezing when I log out after the new update