FiveM update - March 19th, 2017

We’ve pushed an update to the prod branch. This adds a few small features, and redoes the entire build system.

Summarized changelog

  • Change ViSH getGameVersion call to return 505.2. Thanks @ikt for mentioning it! :rice_ball:
  • Rework the build system, now builds automatically get pushed to UpdateChannel=canary! :bird:
  • Show rich presence in Steam View game info, including hostname, map name, game type name and player count. :steam_locomotive:

Thank you! Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in FiveM support again.

That would be amazing :smiley:

If you can get the info, then surely you could try to add join game?

And then you messed up the servers so everyone cant play without terrible FPS.

@Proportionality Maybe you or the server owner did something… Cause my guys have had no issues the last 3 updates…

Yeah… No.

Any chances to do animation .ycd streaming via stream folder?

That is quite a bit harder if not having an own AppID (aka being approved for publishing on Steam). We have a few theories to work around it, but that’ll take time.

‘the servers’
great reasoning, 11/10

What happens now if you try to add clip sets the way DLCs regularly do?

well i have the “lag problem” and before this started i usually get better fps than what the video shows and no its not my internet

"By sheer and utter accident, a bool was used to hold a value that should have been an int, causing a call to the Steam client to be made every frame, rather than only whejn the player count changes.

The update is being respun right now to fix this."

Guess so



rag doll doesnt work

Not a FiveM issue. Post in the support forums if you need help with something.

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